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Secret Stars Born (Gaphals 2015)

   The Linkoping, Sweden imported Heavy Metal displays via Night’s trio of Sammy Ouirra on bass guitar, Calle Englund the guitarist and Oskar Andersson leading the rhythm guitars and vocals bragging hard like the supposed to be rock stuff sounded as the riff-age drilling like a sea waves and thus melodies strengthen the visible choices on making rock music of the Scandinavia – greater again without any hesitations to look forward – beyond the foggy clouds of uncertainty comes in epic rage tempos and semi-Speed Metal attitudes through this second recording album by Night entitled – Soldiers of Time carrying the essential Classic Heavy Metal high-toned voice led and the miserable themes related to either adventurous suspend, mysteries, tough choices and regular fantasy by the lyrics or music flashing like lights via Across The Ocean, Above The Ground, Towards The Sky or Wanderlust which sounded like a non-stop metallic mayhem medley but it’s not and more than just a funny take-over or temporary choices by life cause here – the style is their lives and their life breathing through Heavy Metal music’s provided. 

Raise your horns and Ride On !!!

Soldiers Of Time: