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Science And Reason (Dromedary 2012)

   Please reconsidering this piece of Indie Rock acts as your own national treasure because actually, these guys – Adam Cohen, Dan Fisherman, Jeff palmer and Michael Holt really can making their musical approves to be remarkable and amazing not just because the essential melodies and total harmony progressions toward the semi-Classical Pop tunes but also the power-pop mixtures and great slower tunes for older people to bare their ears onto but the youngsters will loving these musicians as well within this third decade and eight recording release by far through The Mommyheads’ Vulnerable Boy which not only having thus cute cover portraying the band members up naturally and the parade of epic Pop-Rock independent sounds protected well within the listed tracks there recorded and arranged likes Gimme Silence, Medicine Show, My Intruder, Right Where They Should Be and Force Of Will and Bleed From A Glass. 
One may finding them ordinary, simple, complex or even cleverly smart to knitting this such of reasonable record talking about life and experiences into the tunnel of memory and sophomore beats to share.

Vulnerable Boy: