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Scalds 32:59 (Independent 2017)

   No remorse, defiance caused, blasting noises and disturbing behavior in the rising make possible due to the excuses for set some people or someone you know in flames; did in progress as the recording of Execution By Fire II is another sequel from the previous first part, digitally – would erasing your memory onto thus Harsh Electronic experiments of radio noises produced by Destroying Blade. 
Led by some names like Kyrylo Shablevsky and co. released via the independent label of Kemerovo Oblast, Russian Federation; just keep your mouth shut and listen if you think you can handling the twenty nine and twenty four seconds of bursting non-describable erupting noises coming to your ears like an invisible tsunami of death on the track – Burning. 
It’s fit to saying goodbye to the comfortable world and entering the realm of tortured pleasure of what so called the music you’ll hate to like.

Execution By Fire: