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Say A Prayer (Mascot/Pony Canyon 1997)

   An infamous actual but rather a lesser-known veteran vocalist for at least tons of the second-hand groups carrying their wnad-sticks and row the boats over the vast wider ocean of Heavy Metal realm but mostly fails – didn’t stop this man to get the grip and continuing build his own Speed Metal pandorum with Michael Vescera Project (MVP). From the bands like Fatal Force, Obsession, Sovereign or Stygia as well as Safe Haven to Killing Machine which all else failed; comes the brilliant ego-central but good format of Mr. Vescera visions on protecting his own interests in Heavy Metal as well as the public whom always being loyal to this loud music within the debut record – Windows; smartly comes within the variety of rock fusion to metallic sounds and there’s something on everything for anyone to listening there such a promising track-listed clashing and sharp-melodies or slicing solos and your favorite songs perhaps among those like Crack The Sky, Innocent Man, Anyone, Yesterday and Don’t Let Me Down or Words Unspoken back-up by the rest of his band.

You will liking it loud !