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Savage Siege Dukes (I Hate Records 2011)

   New York City based duet whom playing their best bashing standard of Epic Heavy Metal/Doom Rock within the shades of the likes for Manila Road, Cirith Ungol and Thin Lizzy; meet now J.H Halberd the guitarist, bass, keyboards, vocals and additional miscellaneous instruments with Czar on vocals/drums writing their lyrics and themes based on fantasy metal, ancient battles and conquering pleasure of the middle ages or ancient era right here on the releasing of Realmbuilder’s second awesome album: Fortifications of The Pale Architect. Blown your imagination away with various objects and tales of the old ways under the blade and feet of the invaders within the knowledge offers summoning on future visions to come shown there through rocking tracks and soaring melodic solos to magnificent riffs sounds as the vocals harmony opening the path to seeing your consciousness by your own will and power via Ascend to The Glass Kingdom, The Stars Disappeared from The Sky We Uncovered The Bones of The First Gods – truly head-banging as Realmbuilder leads your journey to the excellent imagination of the Heavy Metal world of both psychedelic, super-power and fully fantasy like the lyrics already said.