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Sanktuarium (Machine Tribe Recording 2017)

A sudden gripping of blasts of noise attacks from your unguarded sections comes like a thunderous freaky train with no breaks as the tracking on Mammon just begin for about two and a half minute goes slitting the edges of thus non-commercial experimental coalitions of burning desires and ego-vultures of men – eventually, not enough space for delivering their many ideas almost blown up inside their brains. Digitally, reserved and responsibly – may causing the heart-failure syndromes for anyone whom listening to them here. 
The quasar-particles of coloring works like paintings in void universe sending the materials of inhaling or exhaling irrelevant Noise-Core figures onto darker themed version of Industrial-Ambient and Electronic attractions through a self-titled recording by A Wet Palace; not referring to a mythical hell-hole of the North pole points of even femme vagina per se. One needs to take their one and only chance to do the leap of faith before the giant asteroid or wormwood star passing you by onto the destruction of the planet nearby is certain well going to happen. 
A Child of Too Many Gods to Invasion to Our Fires Burn with Violent Warmth in ten minutes over are the example tales of our modern day catastrophe which almost reaching the final counting …

A Wet Palace: