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Salty Slush (Mt. Home Arts 2014)

   "New York, New York", would be a song theme that never fades to be always inspiring the citizens to make a good career on music especially the good choice of one that can give you fortunes or fame or both and not only Uncle Frank already did his legacy shining but the Indie Rock scene on Big Apple is also having a deep rooted basic and balance for keep on trying to create unique music and performance and for this; Baby Mollusk isn’t your favorable Punks like The Ramones but more calmer union of Rachel Gordon on vocals and guitars with Matthew Van Asselt (bass guitar) and Mike Ditrio their drummer and also the one whom responsible for the recording/mixing or mastering the record session made into album entitled: Baby Mollusk & The Big Babies. 
A bedroom woes musical with an acoustic, electric and melodramatic Indie-Pop Folkies themes as it is late to turn back but the cutey vocals will make one stays for a little longer within the songs like Ode to Bei Bei, Travel Advisory, Always Mad as well as Every Sunday is Bad or Empty Hands awkwardly, leading thus tainted melodies, lazy strings and sleepy lyrics leading you to a good night rest …