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Sacrifice Echoes… (Ipecac Recordings 2017)

   As loud as any strange choices over the demising sounds picked to protect the submission values on your favorite groups or bands as two-piece overloaded bombast and noisy Hip-Hop outfits formed outta Newark, New Jersey since the last of the ninety-eighties with William Brooks aka MC Dalek dealing the lyrics and Alap Momin aka The Octopus the producer with the handler of turntables known as Still or His-Chang Linaka soon after that he left. Resting out for couple times hiatus didn’t really stopped these duo from eternal damnation curse cause then later on Dalek entering a whole new opportunity when they taken steps to joining a new record label and within the curiosity for wider mixing on Electronic and Hip-Hop provider as well as thus Doomed sounds interests afflicted by the likes for Heavy Metal and Black Sabbath perhaps, Endangered Philosophies pull the plug for the group to wrote down more conscious of noises as well as related to reality issues based by the phobia-side infecting plenty people today. 
One would fearing how tracks with mid-tempo terrifying beats and haunting atmosphere rhyming hard pounding through Weapons, Beyond The Madness, Battlecries, Few Understand and A Collective Cancelled Thought attacking your freaking ears just like Straight Razors. 
Either the listeners could be permanently awaken and fanatically interesting to them or temporary ill as then, died or rotted for being guilty by past and future mistakes.

Endangered Philosophies: