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Sacred Machine Lilith (Kozmik Artifactz 2017)

Just closer to the ritualistic of priestess spell-chanting forums captivating like a displays of thrilling Doom over vintage Rock N’ Roll mixture with more modern sides of Rock Music amalgam rattling bites for those whom loved to listening on Hard Rock, Doom Metal, Blues Stoner and Psychedelic Fuzz digging deeper onto your brain as thinking about whether that Devil Electric is truly a worshipper of Satanism like the long-haired figure standing under the shades in red clothes and hat as these self-titled recording might easily entrancing an electric funeral from inside you out and explodes bigger as the thumping riffs and groovy sounds seems cannot be stopping once it’s already shot like a bullet. 
Opening by the Monologue (Where You Once Walked) to Lady Velvet, Acidic Fire and Monolith onto The Dove & The Serpent all the way through Hypnotica shocking the established names of music media like Rolling Stones or Metal Discovery and even The Sludgelord over the quartet existence: Christos Athanasias, Mark Van De beek, Pierina O’Brien and Tom Hulse. 

Mysteriously good calls and dangerously addictive …

Devil Electric: