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Sabo Cast (Profane Existence 2008)

   The social-politics and environmental issues of problem inside the cracking-side of extreme Thrashy Metal or Crust-core sounds from Huntington, West Virginia if you like Oi Polloi to Earth Crisis and others social-fascist-anarco and specialist of environment-terrorists group not preaching but ready to destroying what they’re protesting about as these five-piece of metallic-activists members: Matt (bass), Kris (drums), Chirs (guitars, vocals) and Sarah the real deal female lead growler brought this United State Metal-extremists group Appalachian Terror Unit within their first errorist-system companion of the soundtrack kinds of devastation music to blown up every single corporate companies chained reactions money pits and off-shore gas and oil refineries with the Hardcore-Punk bashing elements mixed with Thrash Metal cross-over. 
No peace for the environmental enemies but total annihilations and the plan are here correctly being served as tracks of angst through They’re All The Fucking Same, Bullet and Bomb, Legalize or Die with the releasing of this Greewashing album. 

The time has come for the preservation took a stand and kept the civilization an old tales beneath the leaves and moss of greenish.