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Ruins Hole Sky (State Of The Art Records 2010)

While the diligent talented German’s musician doing his own solo project on this Lo-Fi Grunge Alternative Indie Rock treasure that needs to be dig and find out by the fans of this music scene; fourteen tracks available and nobody knows but himself; your less-beloved good singer who also plays his musical instruments like drums, guitars, bass and many others as the help comes within Ana Maija Muhi performing her accordion, backing vocals onto Niklas Pfeil or Arne Borchard did as well for the chosen songs back-up vocals. 
Dynamic and powerful in Pop sensation as thus distortions roaming in standard volume giving the rest of the show a very neat sounds as you loved to listening to Everclear, Matchbox 20 or Hoodoo Gurus. Sven Missulis releasing his project under the name of Reebosound with This is Reebosound (the album); brought to your pleasure room fueled sound-system altogether through Dark Water, Whatever You Say It’s Alright, Leave This City, Ghost Lights, Bonnie and Clyde Revisited or Broken Glass. 
Germans exporting its dark-haired girl with lipstick around Europe, who wants it and who doesn’t wants it ?