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Ruiner Beast (Good To Die Records 2013)

Not trying to copy the drumming beats from Queen’s We Will Rock You like one being invited to grab a can of lucky draws or take a hit on that bong deeply as your Seattle, Washington’s grungy Stoner Rock and Heavy Rock musicians of a trio calling themselves as Sandrider whom consisting of guitarist/vocalist Jon Weisnewski, Nat Damm behind the drum-kits and bass-player/vocalist  Jesse Roberts packaging Godhead – their album with thus metallic melodies and heavier riffs and plenty grooves available there by the displaying of ancient modern creature-like god or destructor on the front cover while these ten repetitions tracks blazing high as they’re releasing from their cage to invading every ears available to listening the rage sounds of Rock Music by the past made up again by newer generations. Take the album and pay for some samples blistering music of harder alternative rockers did there under the influences of drugs or alcohols – never fails to producing these fine songs like Tides, Gorgon, Overwatch, Scalpel to Champions. Hear the long jamming or just a short lead soloing by some off the authority offerings. 
Alien is real but don’t believe the cheap hoax shared to your mail-box. 

Be smart maintaining your moves …