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Rot In Solitude (Saw Her Ghost 2014)

   Of Terror And The Supernatural might be the essential collective works debut off the Death Metal/Doom band form Detroit, Michigan named Temple Of Void; as these metal-heads consisting themselves of Alexander Awn, Brent Satterly, Eric Blanchard to Jason Pearce and Michael Erdody releasing this metallic cemented of sophomore excellence Heavy Metal extreme growler efforts that can be courageously put on the lists under the first Black Sabbath recording legends on this one. You might seeing thus red-hooded leper-priests like figures doing a ritual in front of the pagan monastery changing their beliefs to darkness as Sludge Metal or heavy sounds possessing their ears and minds away from the light of god into the depth of fury spells and dethroned of Christ via Savage Howl, The Embalmer’s Art, To Carry This Corpse Evermore as well as Exanimate Gaze and Bargain in Death shall approved the blistering signs of times that forced to shifting its poles from the previous one based on the holy bible to the satanic servant secret messages encounters the false prophets beliefs among men of religious – shaping the eradicate views of pointy sharps against the will of creations and lifting one-self as a god among the insects of this doomed world of the mortals … 

Of Terror and The Supernatural: