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Room Buena Vista (Not On Label 2011)

A Post-Rock performance delightedly seeming to gets you adrift while the most lullabying tunes themed of friendships that lasts, separation moments, something that entirely loss or an adventure of a lifetime in a process could be those conclusions found out there within the groups’ efforts as We (the band’s name) which directly not known at all because there’s no many information yet to share about them. Only the designer of the cover and also the photographer: Alex Pryle and Amy Muir whom written down as the involving people so far for this non-vocals but instrumentals sounds of musical that describing as Ambient Post-Rock atmospheric from Edinburg – Scotland entitled: With The Stars As An Audience may exactly describing how on earth the front cover fits the album well – like one being experienced to climbing a holy mountain or just manage to see how magic works through daily event as occasional and rare as well via Arrivederci ((They Said Their Goodbyes), A Memento in Her Hand, N. Young onto Shelter and more of that couldn’t stopping you from being blessed, being aware and being thankful for exploring the planet in speechless mode on.