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Robber Train (Bandcamp 2015)

   Infamous lesser-known blends of Bluesy Rock n’ Roll and Rockabilly of your Grand Rapids, Michigan’s black-tie trio of rock-heads even though it’s an actual duo musicians only calling themselves as Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish with Mr. Ray himself playing guitars and harmonica while doing the lead vocals singing and Josh Worsham the drummer with the good help by Rick Johnson for playing the bass guitar and keyboards as the scene brought by the group inside the quiet diner or bar place table with no manner and young girl hooker twins ready to stab you or slashing your throat as dangerous as the affected lyrics and music played louder there became the soundtrack for that. Dead Man Walking wasn’t recorded to take any control over something but bewildering everything’s up until there’s no energy left but wasted for drinking, kissing, dancing and head-banging harder following the non-slower tunes being composed by the band – like the neat performance of The Misfits and Social Distortion’s Mike Ness giving tribute to the last heroes of Rock N’ Roll with a mystique touch of beers and alcohols to mix enormously heavy as fuck as you wanted within the songs of Chickadee, Devil’s Debt, Dreamin’ Tonight, Don’t Call Don’t Write, Woman in Red and Alright. 

Your next Southern-based slithering smokey drunk anthems. 

Dead Man Walking: