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Ritornerai (Dancing Ferret Discs 2007)

Gothic-Rock symphonies in the marking made their ways possible to detect as the Dutch group comprising of Cees Viset, Fried Bruggink, Kemi Vita, Merijn Mol and Roman Schonsee of The Dreamside that formed in Rotterdam verified their complicated rocking track by adding more metallic taste onto their music not entirely closing their rooted Goth-Rock and Dark Wave influences from beginning as the several records being released by them and further more there’s this compilations of miscellaneous recording tape of Pale Blue Lights & Nuda Veritas seems to be the exact monument for celebrating the entire works of The Netherlands’ band career and songs chosen wisely there as yours to witness and listen.
From the seductive leather blackened suits and gorgeous female singer and thus fine melodic of echoes and haunting whisperers going through the dense of woods untouched … Coming within the October atmosphere and dry leaves falling to the ground as Divina, Women’s Chant, Goddesses, The Divine, Dance Goddess Dance and Travel or Luis comes as the most glamorous Goth-Dark Wave special sounds re-creating the imaginations for her to wait for you.