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Revelled Gui Corney (Bandcamp2014)

   Tradition maybe left in some parts of countries behind the high-intensity of technology but not for Ireland – the land whom always proud with their heritage wherever they go or moved away from the soil but never losing their roots as the story goes by that dreams may becoming a truth reveals one day like Michael Keegan-Dolan and friends had a chance to make their dreams reality as Irish traditional music group and formed as Re or the meaning for moon or era brings the culture honorary musical like theater or expanding creativity among those impulses to contemporary of togetherness off the self-titled record looking good on playing and dancing as then the group touring most of bigger cities like Sydney, London, Rome, Wellington and Paris to Hong Kong; as they’re keep on learning the crafty tempers over the ancient or olden days tunes to songs as sharing them as energy via the musical performance. This time recorded at the vestry of St. Nicholas’s Collegiate Church in Galway, tons of musicians marrying the shows and gave the audiences a very dearly warm welcome as the musical performance goes on. From Liam O Maonlai (singer, piano, bodhran), Peter O Toole (singer, bouzouki and guitars), Eithne Ni Chathain (singer, fiddle), Cormac Begley (bass, baritone, treble and piccolo) to Maitiu O Casaide (whistle and uilleann pipes) as being recorded by Jack Talty as the tales of Ireland being musically played and sang miraculously through Tommy Lord’s/Paddy Cronin’s/The Hermit from Killarney (polkas), Watching for The Day Break (song), Brian Boru’s/Sonny Brogan’s Fancy/Brian O Lynn (jigs) or Lough Erne Shore (song) as further below the windy atmosphere knitting the tied-ropes of here, there and the past to everywhere echoing in a sweetening harmonies over the seasons celebrating the years of solitude and the prosper to comes in with the swans migrations circle and rebirth of the sun god …