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Reside Rules (Bandcamp 2016)

   Eastern-tinged measurements for not losing their Progressive Rock touch as an inner-selfof all these songs written, recorded and produced by J. Newcomb as the habitual of nomadic behavior adventuring music soulful and haunting in a meaningful way for you to get easily drag farther onto the deserted areas where all hopes are abandoned or gone for good; leaving only regrets and non-lovely stories to re-tell back to others who might asking for it. Via My Own Private Cave, Sea King tries to give himself a remedy within the rejected melodies and good companion on multi-instrumentalist performance for Pendulum Swings letting one re-schedule their steps direstion or Burrow Away to Meditation Spiritualism and Love like trying to find Lost Boy back to your arms again because you love him so much but sometimes bad dreams laughing at you and playing tricks on you Too Much. An alternative for the seeking cure locally Folkish and some remains Bluesy-Pop for caving-in and get your quietness as a wrapping blanket.

My Own Private Cave: