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Rerum Edax Tempus (Shadow Kingdom 2013)

   Behold there upon the flaming throne – o thee knights; the holy grail that having its knowledge of everything – in wait to be taken for yourself not to the entire destiny of human race but one as the feelings mixed with the thumping beats of thus slow bashing Doom Metal to NWOBHM ala Canadians featuring Funeral Circle band consisted of names like Jean-Pierre Abboud, The Grand Inquisitor or some ex-members like Patriach and Malphas or Pilgrim building this semi-extremist metal-headed musical mayhem which sounded alike the Doomy version of Mercyful Fate meets Saint Vitus’s genes for releasing the second self-titled albums on this Funeral Circle as they’re raging in whispers by the gnarling smiled and sharpening teeth entering the massive hidden temple to take the most precious relics there after destroying the army of guards and god’s guardian angels by themselves. 
Listen to Amaranthine (Wandering Dreamer) may closely talks about the history of a dream walker of the witchcraft society of hallucination led to demise over greed of something shiny; Corpus of Dark Sorcery also worshipping the essence matters on a build of powerful black magic speller ever lived to resurrects back or Scion of Infinity which lifting the rooted family blood-lines of the son of man that either preserved or must be erased of the face of the earth … 

So much secrets reveals under the rights of anti-christians, arcane occults to Lovecraft’s teachings and hyborian beliefs as the capturing of that Holy grail leads men to acts like god of this world.

Funeral Circle: