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Repulsion Bodies (Bandcamp 2017)

The changes from Isa Sierra the lead vocalist of these Doomy Metal extreme rocking band from Elche, Spain to their newer formations consisting of vocalist Mireia Porto (vocals and guitars), Julian Velasco (guitars), Tano Gimenez (bass) and Miguel Fernandez (drums) as they’re not The Cranberries at all to compare.
An extraordinary perspective of seeing how your own ending of life’s lite faded within the exceptional under the spelling rituals and magic riffs as the greater epic points between Alternative Rock and Doom Metal borders with a female vocals whose courageously sounding mystical from Hela (the band) releasing their album – Death May Die. 
Haunting, ethereal and atmospherically horrific suitable (not) for the regular people of thus non-fans of metallic music to have this on their stereo. 
As the H.P Lovecraft influences basic and more on metallic Doom or Polanski works driving the band’s efforts here; we got the winner when we listening to Mother of Monsters, The Gateway or Touched By Evil – from two minutes to eight or nine minutes duration of devastating slow-bashing tempos.

Death May Die: