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Replaced Fragile (:): 2016)

   Taken by a weird record label as you can see its logo there but not an awkwardly strange songs to listening for us and the basic fans of Pop-culture music on the performance from this California-based artist, singer and song-writer named Garrett Nash; bold enough to mixing our reality likes upon either Electronic, Hip-Hop to Synth-Pop, Rn’B and Swing. Releasing his third records under the title of simple as Us, presenting the non-complicated sounds through these lucky seven tracks and the listeners can describing what they’re wanted to hear via some of them or all of them – like First Day of My Life (ft. Goody Grace) or Rumours (ft. Mark Johns) separated by different genre of music like Rn’ B or Folk-Popas acoustic slow melodies turned quickly into groovy beats; everyone should know how talented this new artist really could grow even bigger … 

Listen more and loving it !