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Reckoning Hate (Posthuman/Priority 2000)

One of the last forgotten heroes for emerging at the extinction point over modern Hip-Metal times representing Washington D.C before moving quietly to LA as forming by Jason Miller on vocals and guitars, Mike Miller did the leading guitar and backing vocals; Ullrich Hepperlin aka Method did the programming or bass-line upgrades and drum-basher by Ty Smith coming solid as Godhead (the group).
Already releasing more albums and records since the beginning as the debut just about to tie-up by the band’s fourth recording entitled 2000 Years of Human Error which means a little bit scary, ironic and fully related to tragedy written and composed by the band and being totally pushed into a blender of music sounds mixing off Electronic and Hard Rock combines which equally reset the moment and producing many tracks of modern revelations and visions about the uncertainty of the future via I Sell Society, Tired Old Man, Break You Down, Sinking, Penetrate and even the cover classic on Eleanor Rigby sounded eerie because its coming from underneath their shadowy invisibility force of Industrial-Rock guts for Manson fans only not the almighty - Al Jorgensen. 

2000 Years of Human Error: