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Reanimator Riders (Test Your Metal 2017)

   If you ever crossing a thrash band named Skull Hammer in the past then that same unit has eventually changed their name to a more simple and easy to remember one via Terrifier and with that changes came the good start as these metallic Kelowna, British Columbia group consisting of bassist/vocalist Chase Thibodeau, drummer Kyle Sheppard, guitarist Brent Gallant and Rene Wilkinson and made exactly some changes soon after the releasing a good debut but lesser attentions until then, the last effort for now being brutally released by Terrifier as in Weapons of Thrash Destruction with Alexander Giles fit in the bassist position and brought this full-length recording to frontal listening blast to every single Thrash Metal lovers to bang their heads following this stuff like slaves. As the globe being attack and slowly destroyed by an unknown force from above; the slashing riffs or deadly melodies flashy confronting your ears with high techniques and total annihilation rhyming sounds to slay within thus murderous tracks like Deceiver, Nuclear Demolisher, Violent Reprisal onto Skitzoid Embolism and Drunk as Fuck – owned everyone ass in the end to be kneeling down to Sect of The Serpent in concluded. 

Again - fuck you for not believing the news before the bell rings – dumb humans !