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Reach Beyond (MTM Records 1997)

   The road for Peter Beckett and Steve Kipner’s Indie-Pop reality may facing the end of the New Wave-era by the beginning of the late eighties and later on, Think Out Loud finding themselves drifting further – as a reminder that the collaborations between the two idealistic pop-rockers met on the group’s first album back to the point somewhere on the eighty-eights and then, several years later – these band releasing the second efforts of Shelf Life; energetic rhyming and dancing rock beats still believed by them to become an attraction for any listeners to capturing or re-discovers their music project again. No worries because there’s plenty good poppy tracks and harmony packs within Castles on Quicksand, Don’t Throw It Away, From Where I Stand as well as Answer to The Why or thus romantic-themed like Moonlight on Water and Let’s Talk About Love. If you really like how New Wave music has changed your dearly dreadful living to brighter years lately – you might considerable to having this album as your collections as well hilariously fun and completed.

Shelf Life: