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Raxmus Frisbee (Warp Records 1994)

   The long break from another different line-ups changes and left pursuing original members of The Black Dog didn’t quite stopping this Sheffield, England group that playing their Ambient Techno, Acid-House or IDM sounds which used to be formed by the trio of talents – Ken Downie as with Ed Handley and Andy Turner recorded this third efforts from the band’s catalogs via Spanners which got a B plus from Entertainment Weekly and five stars rating from AllMusic guidance. 
As most of the materials sounding funny or strangely odd but as the mixed of both Modern Dance Electro and Latino beats struck your hearing room; one or two will start to dance and shakes by Barbola Work, Psil-Cosyin and traditional moves onto the more weirdy experiments like Bolts part one or two or even more than that to count with Tahr and Chase The Manhattan transferring your exact mood for dancing from loving to questioning about Leftfield and Techno experiments. 
Even the eerie one leads within the harmony of present danger alerts by Pot Noodle really doesn’t describes this moment of musical album goes to alternate something to somewhere or anything …