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Raven Calls Stone (I Hate Records 2008)

The slight changes from Totem to Jex Thoth for these mystical Doomy Rock group led by Jessica Toth with Nick Johnson or Matt Jacobs and more friends within the same interest making their way to recording, written and composing a very delighted gloomy sounds influenced by either Coven-legends to Sabbath’s slower jazzy tunes of the psychedelic era meets dark rock mustard from the late seventies. 
The self-title releasing of the debut of Jex Thoth truly may harm you in the most classic ways possible as the slow-pumping essence from keyboards describing the real meaning of frightened occultism themes and beautiful harmony vocals of the lead female singer brings Stoner Rock and Doom Rock to the very great level to enjoy by luckily thus fanatic fans of this style of rocking music as Equinox Suite divided into four session of progressive sounds and solos covering most of the band’s efforts here through Obsidian Night, The Banishment, Seperated At Birth onto Warrior Woman – as everything turned from just gloomy dark to dangerous as you hearing them closely, intimate …

Jex Thoth: