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Rat Slice Quartet (Silva Screen 1987)

   As a puzzle box found in Morrocco, being bought by Frank Cotton whom also managed to solve the puzzle box and opens the gate for The Cenobites showing him horrible carnal sadomasochism with a room full of chains and bloody tortured bodies as he gone missing since.
   Later on Frank brother restored the house which used to have “the cursed room reality” inside as Larry moves in with his daughter Kristy whom being obsessed as she having the nightmarish visions and found the box to solved once again – resurrecting her dead uncle Frank only to kill and take her dad’s skinned soul as the mentioning of the re-open puzzle box may causing consequences – inviting more creatures of The Cenobites to haunts your world formerly a horror shortened story taken from the British supernatural body of tortures by futuristic hellish creatures in the movie Hellraiser which not only shall strangled your imaginations of the bewilders to the high and excessive points you might thrown up seeing the mess delivers by the movie itself as being directed and written by Clive Barker of his works via The Hellhound Heart. 
Christopher Young did a freaking scary job for compiling the tracks of hollowed Classic Electro-modern scoring instrumentals and frigid sexual appeal for mutilating flesh and ripping off your guts by gutted as the lists there gripping our fears by the turmoil taste beneath The Lament Configuration, Reunion, A Quick Death or Seduction and Pursuit lining-up for more until the end process for Uncle Frank, Brought on by Night and Another Puzzle leads it to the new beginning with winged figures, time lapse and restored cursed box back for the next customers to catch an eye over the thing.

Hellraiser Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: