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Quitter Tyler (Interscope Records 1994)

   Grungy and hair-raising riff-age with mid-tempo that easily asking you to come closer and doing damage into crowd-surf acts jumping like a maniac following the opener track for the debut full-length album Rubberneck from an Alternative Rock off Fort Worth - Texas band: Toadies that consisting whether Todd Lewis (vocals/guitars), Mark Reznicek (drums) or Darrel Herbert (guitars) or Lisa Umbarger (bass guitar) sliding-in and prank the surroundings with their activism for distortions and Bluesy-metallic roars off the Mister Love song, Possum Kingdom and Mexican Hairless or Happyface to bash and Blackslider comes a characteristically standard as noisy to your uncle and granny in a bright one day cranking. Rubberneck is might be looking like a shorter version of the angry Hulk who loves to stomping the ground and when he jumps from the place of high, as the music lives on he won’t fell down there and just die …

PS. Make up your mind before finding Jesus !