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Quench Ember (Candlelight Records 2012)

Ex-members from some of the furious, filthiest and most satanic bands of Great Britain unites to make their own super-group of extreme metallic acts delivers nothing but troubles, chaos and destructions over mankind once again and talking about this may refers to Nine Covens which formed by the former members of King is Blind, Cradle of Filth, ENT to Winterfylleth as Black Metal purity classics ruling your hearing room while having guts to grab their releasing album of the second one off their collections called … On The Dawning of Light. 
A maximum threats and terrifying themes written and raising there as the band’s perspectives for the demise of all mankind or societies must fall under the reign terror power of satan on the rejected rituals for some looks unfamiliar, ancient and blasphemous to the modern conservatives minded people to deal with. Mostly occultism-based background and tales or folklore comes to front and blasting the mighty explosions on the aimed devastation targeting humanity as peasants or lower than insects as the trademarks of Black Metal extremities bursts within As Fire Consumes, Origin of Light, The Fog of Deceit to The Mist of Death or White Star Acception and At The Ocean’s Strand. Either we all shall go drowning deeper or being crushed by gigantic stones from heaven above or at least maybe – just extinct because the time is up and gone. No more second chance whilst the faster double drumming on hellish satanic and brutal riffs to thus screaming vocals becomes our soundtrack to die tomorrow.