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Pyrrhic Victory (Relapse Records 2017)

Four quartet of misery mystical occultism empowered Doomy Metal and Sludge-core unit from Portland, Oregon; slower riffs, deadly chorus, blasting drumming and screamo vocals re-growls within the introductions of the group members: Joel Williams (bass, vocals), Zeke Rogers (drums), Johnny Lovingood (guitars) and Justin Cory (guitars/vocals)calling themselves – Usnea (as strange as the word itself which refers to old man’s beard or thallus plants) shall soon being your favorite album for the fanatic fans of the blending seizure earthquakes off Electric Wizard, Candlemass and Tiamat in one way ticket to doomsday on the front seats place while your finger pressing play button as Portals Into Futility cranking like a bitter blasting erupted explosions as the opened sky showing you the holy altar of judgement crafted by the influences form of dystopian depressive and science-fictions comes and crushing the reality by Eidolons and The Increate lasted to the eleven minutes and fifty-six seconds process of elegant evolving strength and structures in brutality, heaviness, discord, anger or mournful slashing melodic under the darker tales or themes like Lathe of Heaven or Demon Haunted World. 

Nothing last or save from harmful materials in this material world living within thus material humans.