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Puzzle Hopt1m1sm (Bandcamp 2010)

   Ten songs taken to be recorded as before being written, composed and arranged by the simple Pop-Alternative group from New York calling themselves Two Seconds To Midnight and seems to close to those apocalyptic background story but even if you might signing to hear them beating up harder or blushing when sang the modern popular of Indie music sounds; Zig Payton (vocals, guitars), Hannah Hens-Piazza (violin, viola, glockenspiel, piano), Emily Snow Long (violin), Josh Moyer ((drums, percussion, beats), Matt Snow (guitars) and Mike Borenstein (bass) with Jess Flannigan and Laura Kivlen (vocals) being serious not to begging while offering their semi-poetic or filled consciousness as sometimes the track comes like a Jangle-Pop tunes but on the next one there’ll be a blistering Grunge-style or the seminal Punk-Ska products but not too much brass-section sugary added. As the female vocals sounded like the younger version of Shirley Manson meets Letters To Cleo in Goth-Pop fate; Architecture – the recording release really sounded serious, a bit sad, melancholy and vulnerable but never cheesy. Put on your trust on the chosen songs comes and go like Opt1m1sm, Silence of Snowfall, When The Shore Meets The Wave, We Shared a Secret and The Forgotten as a promise being nice to warn you about enjoying life and keep on reflective most of the time - thanking for the awesome strings arrangements.