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Puutarhassa Luostari (Svart Records 2015)

Mystical with the use of its local language that makes the barrier seems to be stronger as Progressive Rock and Pop New Age continuity crossing the way for our listening room to have via Uhrijuhla (meaning Sacrificial Feast) related to the closer ancient traditional folklore of the locals and Finnish lesser-finest to be noted by Alternative Rock fans for having them as collections because the music sounded so unique, the lyrics would came like something from Rivendell forest or Middle Earth poem with the rare nepenthes as the cover for Jokainen On Vapaa Lintu arranged and composed by the rest of the tribe people of this sophomore acts of Folk Rock credits to Jukka-Pekka Valimaa or Kikke Lindberg, Kimi Karki or Kimmo Laine and Olga or Olli Kauniskangas and so on.
The mixing of Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock and strange female voices singing or telling stories about those tracks on the album: Syksy, Salaseura, Dyyneilla, Juokse Poika Juokse or Verenpunainen seems to celebrates the giving of mother nature by offering her good deeds, good harvest and good fortune as magical mystic occult of the old heritage kept on praising and practice in the mix with thus modern rock tangled cables not polluting the land or taking too much over of what you needed as greed leads to curses. 

Feel the forest chilling in smiley cheers and animals might gathering or jump as the fairies finishing their rituals …

Jokainen On Vapaa Lintu: