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Purple Trail (Damp Music 2008)


   Formatted for Nicolas Pittet, Christophe Farine and Sebastien Gost whose teaming-up with several great names as the trio performing the musical guidance sounds following by thus sensual female vocalist like Claire Huguenin, soulfuil singer Namusoke to rocker lady – Elodie Romain as well as Elkee while the knowledge themes within keyboards, guitars or drums distributes by the group themselves selling the small society called Kera as the name chosen and Carbon becoming their debut title of releasing record made truly not simple, more progressive and quite electro-magnetic to any Pop-Rock listeners interest with the variety music mixes and groovy moves carries thus Switzerland experimental Alternative Indie Rock to the new basic of level approved by the track-listed which won’t make you bored like The Sign, Solidsoul, Usual Way, Why For and Friday.
   Kera’s Carbon is trying to take the audiences go on onto a journey farther from the pollutant world through dimension finding a peaceful friendly race whom teaching us how to act wisely to our home planet. 

Listen, learn, be wiser and stay alive.