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Prozac Relief (Jade Tree 2002)

Sounding like they’re protected by the shining light of divinity through the Indie-Pop Rock music under the spiritual based of lyrics and themes as formed by the original members: Cam DiNunzio, Jonathan Fuller, Keeley Davis and Maura Davis from Richmond, Virginia as being know later by Emo-Pop scene in the US as Denali. Releasing this self-titled recording as being branded over their marking melodic female lead vocals, slower harmony guitars and strings arrangements to standard tempos and a bit sad experiences been stamped onto their musical performances. 
One shall liking the influential tracks of the new sounds emotionally via You File, French Mistake, Lose Me and many more lining-out from the listing-tracks made by Denali crew. 
Falling in deeper love over some good melodic rhyming put on together by these amazing new generations of cooling minded teens getting mature through their experience adventures called Indie-Pop life’s journal written here.