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Point And Click (Self-Released 2007)

   Bradley R. Bills brings his apocalyptic blender beats and music on these experimental mixes between Tribal Industrial and Alternative Electro-Drums as the alter-ego figure project named Chant come blasting its noises products via the second recording release on That Which Divides. Coming in bursts to those whom liking the influences sounds from the semi-legendary names like My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Skinny Puppy, 90’s MTV teenage raging thriller movie soundtrack and Mr. Manson’s killer instinct within the warfare and painful themed tracks through Inspiration Spawned By a Corporate Takeover, This Secret, Crash me, Things You Know and Reaching For Something New; as all songs written and performed by Bradley R. Bills himself and Chant may keeping its ego-central convenience develops like a supreme super computer placed on a safe secret lab facility.

That Which Divides: