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Plumerias Visions (Porch Party Records 2015)

   Mingled or moving out away from his used to grouping continuity project of being a Pysch-Prog musical on Long Beach, CA – Rudy De Anda has decided to burst-out as being independently attached only to his soul-mate standing at the end of the dock off the bay or greater than that do the wood rafting with the bubblegum stuck on each other’s face on Ostranenie album recording. Feel the fresh juicy and vintage results via the old day’s Pop from the sixties with some Cha Cha Cha outlook beats and vermilion silky Latino dance moves through this Indie Pop music written via Tu Esquina, Mil Pedasos, The Fast Route The Fast Decline and the romantic mumbling on Roses and Chalk; sounding not forcing one to do something to others with excessive force but ready and worth to be heard.
Fore-fronting the genuine and find this guy in your modern spectrum light outside the MTV style trendy sounds today !