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Playboys Fetus G.I (Bandcamp 2016)

   To The Assholes Protesting at Planned Parenthood or The NSA Took My Baby Away and even bizarre themed of The Yogi of Completely Invading Your Privacy might not be a snoring in a daylight but reality happens on our streets of freedom land countries just like the bigger, better and braver American states of mind; being encroached to undermines from within as traitors under their sheep clothes of either conservatives or democrats – are all hypocrites and Anarcho-Punk Feminist united society of Pacific Northwest in a pagan background won’t letting this shit form happening too damn long as these alienist witches blackened modern music of straight Punk slamming your inferior thoughts filled with sexual affections for enslaving women in general but don’t try to fight this guitar’s buzzing and harsh swearing lyrics written to make the same effects like fists of rage hurting your manly guts really bad through the recording from the band – The Vaticunts on the releasing of themselves called Men Of Cloth & Fear not attacking quite hard only to those religious bigots but the authority playing their parts on divided and conquering society captured inside the belt of phobic over almost everything. Bellingham's crew - they're vocalist Kelly Hoekema, double guitarists of Ethan Smith and Eric Hart, bass player Liisa Gilbertson and drummer Landon Snipstead; spitting protests high like Junkies on Sunset Pond screaming out about The Mohel The Monster and Fail Mary prayers for mixing up the lies and the truth hidden bares !

Men of Cloth & Fear: