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Pine Innerspace (SpinART 1995)

Psychedelic soundings and lending Power-Pop background to their home-staying volume dealers around your favorable musical via the Alternative Rock or Indie-Pop sensation not too damn commercial but not being far from good sense of mixture for Denver, Colorado’s answers over the likes of Electric Light Orchestra meets Pavement. 
From Lo-Fi Garage, Bubblegum Pop, New Wave and Electric Pop to acoustic Rn’B – with either Bill Doss, Eric Allen, Hilarie Sidney, John Hill or John Dufilho by the releasing of this debut album by themselves The Apples In Stereo entitled: Fun Trick Noisemaker. 
Portraying the perfect calmly surroundings over the woods of mystical Pop sing-along songs featured thus recording tracks talking about how the world should turning to a friendly environments towards the precious inhabitants especially animals and trees as being narrated wisely via High Tide, Green Machine, She’s Just Like Me/Taking Time, Glowworm and Dots 1-2-3 that sounding exactly as melodious as softly nurturing the standard music of Indie-Pop concept that intact to the most peaceful themes you ever wanted to choose as the main plan of playing music honestly.

Fun Trick Noisemaker: