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Pinata Contempt (Bandcamp 2016)

   Inspired by the book that he read before called From Windfall to Hell, Justin Bonitz creatively at his ease trying and manage for making this project of Metal Symphonic concept with deep Folk-Metal Progressive-made flesh which sounding semi-epic and classic to listen by the audience who loves Prog-Metal like this one made from Hungry Lights project and album artworks by Justin Bonitz as well entitled – Heavy is The Crown. As thus strings arrangement detailed sounds or redemption on individual traces of attempts heavenly provided here on the release. 
   A non-positive theme picture for the suicidal hanged-man in thus interests for My Finest Hour, Wickerman, Aphotic Currents 2 to Demetrius or Constancy. A Father’s End might be a tale you didn’t really wanted a madness delusion descent opens as a background. 
The guy himself playing to performs as he carried the burden of short-stories and sorrow into these empowered version of Rock/Metal symphonic summaries.

Heavy is The Crown: