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Phyre Trinity (Transubstans Records 2007)

   Hailed from Orebro, Sweden as the place-birth of the next extreme Heavy Metal scene and community with occult-based and traditional Nordic Pagan beliefs as themed-up choices for the third recording releases from Burning Saviours as they’re mixing the sounds with Hard Rock and Folk Rock pleasure in melodic harmony led by names like Fredrik Evertsson, Martin Wijkstrom or Mikael Marjanen on Nymphs & Weavers collectively standard to get louder as you wish for. Listen to their expression of idol-epic ideas via Dreaming of Pastries, Woodnymph, The Spellweaver, Pondhillow’s Finest and Exposed to The Heat of Solace which brought the essential Heavy Rock classic to your ears and hearts like this is still the seventies of everlasting rock psychedelic sounds. 

You won’t be disappointed for seeing the signs of times through this infamous heroic music presentation from the land of the Swedes.

Nymphs & Weavers: