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Personal Computer (Hop Hop Records 2016)

Alias James Friley but not only him as thus others con-joining him via this so called Idiot Glee project of music as Case Mahan and Jamie Adkins as well; recording the self-titled album which called as Idiot Glee. Pleasing themselves for ideas and musical written tracks arrangements over this limited 500 copies recording releases as their actual fifth so far, not sounding dumb exactly – the music of these trio may giving you a good classic lullaby sleeps for daybreak or early evening as it plays in medium volume. 
Beautiful and purely Pop cultured addictions for everyone who loves the simple kinds of life and didn’t put their concerning over tomorrow might brings as one can clearly listening upwards the track-listed of Baby (I Could Be Your Bone), What’s That Smell, Deep Warm Something or Evergreen Psycho; reprising the magnificent melodies and soft tunes selected to get there in time without much pretension gone and comes back and certainly, not trying to copy the reality of modern Pop culture iconic teenage school-kids choirs under the famous name title. 

This is a bunch of idiots whom can make such a great music to the ears.

Idiot Glee: