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Papyrus Of Ani (Bloxham Tapes 2016)

   The 42 Negative Confessions of Winged Ma’at is the modern ancient relations on how the old beliefs folks from a ruined civilization care to keeping their heritage cultural roots to its spot; there’s nothing that monotheist religious thoughts can do about when it comes to the music making and occult worshiping periods came back like a circling cycle of a memory years or decades as getting the helps from Electronic-touches as well as colliding Noise/Drone/Ambient and New Age blending purposes for the invitations of the mighty knowledge of the wisdom god’s caller in a surrounding collaborative musical orchestration of the mystical unknown force stranded to a shop and mistakenly brought by you. The curses or the enlightenment spreading like the seven deadly sins and disease upon those whom trying to desecrated the history, the treasure and the compositions of the old way path which performs by Ra plays arghul, mizmar or qanum while Thoth plays sistrum and Tutankhamun’s trumpet lower-deep horned under the influence of Khenfu. Beautifully hypnotics as the listeners may closely wandering within thus perpetual abandoned among the ruins of the temples or altars whilst the melodic blitz carried either the creepy tunnel of the long dark labyrinth pass to the eventually, peaceful meeting under the god’s throne. Egypt should be so proud for having this recording given favors to the ignorant public to learning more about the concepts of complex, adoration, ancient tales or laws and of course, the virtuoso instrumental forms of the tracks-themed like Instruction of Amenemope, Feather of Truth, Weighing of The Heart or Bread of The Gods.