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Overboard Greed (World In Sound 2011)

A debut recording that would definitely reminds you about how Chris Cornell getting old playing his Southern Spacey Rock Stoner sessions with a newer band and re-written his observing lives manage not dead but surviving the passage of building psychedelic beats and realistic by magic over thus hypnotic power-dagger pushing riffs that’s sounded like it’s never aging for many years; Done So Wrong proudly presented by The Flying Eyes group which comprising of Adam Bufano (guitars), Mac Hewitt (bass, vocals), Will Kelly (vocals, guitars), Elias Mays Schutzman (drums) for these Psychedelic Blues Rock of Baltimore, Maryland bringing their anthems of melodious rocking performance through those kinds of tracks presented there – Poison The Well, Nowhere To Run, Clouded, Heavy Heart or Sundrop and Leave It All Behind as well as Death Don’t Make Me Cry.
Whether you loved Progressive Indie Rock or Psychedelic music and ritualistic sounds giving us more wiser meaning above what the symbol of artworks painted in front of it. 

Last breathing quench for leaving the living is deserted but never stops amusing via the rocking sounds !

Done So Wrong: