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Out Of Cave ! (Bandcamp 2016)

Known as Bose but also can usually be called themselves as three riders which promoting these endless highly basic of Progressive Stoner Metal and Psychedelic Rock sounds from Opole, Poland and yes, Bose isn’t your regular group looking for fame but fun recording their massive project songs written by themselves and arranged those jamming through amps and push-pedal distorted onto the record release within this album called – Ride To The Sky.
Calling it Stoner-Doom, Krautrock experimental tunnel or Psychedelic Jam channeling or just Prog-Metal by the sounds that looks longer, imaginative and scary to hear by minutes. 
Close your freaking eyes and let your ears do the tricks – go flying higher within the opener track of Stop Crawling Start Climbing which may lasted through the ten minutes and twenty-two seconds more to make you unconscious later; performing by Daro on guitars, RPA on bass guitar and LeC the drummer feeling focused and relentless to not waiting for nothing while they’re crossing the blue into the void dark and beyond, melodically perfect in spacing out your brain within the listening moment over the four songs available there. Dangerous may occurs as the third track of Snake is Rising Again plays … 

When evil disguising and you didn’t have a clue knowing it ready to attack behind thus calmly quiet environment picture perfect neighborhood !

Ride To The Sky: