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Old Skool Own (Last Rockers 2009)

   So, East Bay - California got their own Punk-Rock new heroes like Rancid, Pennywise and NOFX but Bristol, England got its own answer for the American counterpart-cousins to aware of in the visions of smart straight rocking sounds through the seminal legend group started their cutting ways of protests and fights since the back then in the early eighties era until this new millennium within Vice Squad as being fronted by the great snotty blue-haired female lead vocalist Rebecca Bond with other members like Paul Rooney, Wayne Firefly and many more just like this approval via the releasing of the band’s (probably) eight releasing album on the local walks through London Underground. The non-compromising record that surely didn’t quite agree with the royalty family policy and the government laws which always parting ways farther than the simple anarchist-tinged themes and social values tales or complaints toward the bigger gap on the community, terror-reign and fundamental conservatives thoughts that puts a chain on the hands of creativity and free-thinking ideas that not getting along within the authority’s interests are bring forwards here via Punx United, Sniffing Glue, Ordinary Girl, Identity Crisis, Dear Joe, The Truth Hurts and Starvation Box – screaming aloud to protests and make a changing actions for the clever citizens to see. 

Punks are here to puff your big house door down !

London Underground: