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Oh Cecile Fine (Bandcamp 2016)

Alternative-Country Folkish Pop-Rock can be not ignorable but satisfying for listening and with the statements comes these cutey Omaha, Nebraska’s long-awaited efforts from a local song-writer/singer girl named Kait Berreckman doing her vocals/guitar plays with the help of her rest back-up band musicians; Morgan Karabel (drums), Jon Ochsner (bass), Sam Burt and Luke Pruitt guitars/vocals as well as Joe LaChance on keyboards in the releasing of Battle Scenes by Kait Berreckman’s finest hours of converse peaceful music and harmony lyrics and thoughts to shares as stories from the Mid-West middle of nowhere to your stereo system on the living room. 

Whether you’ve been attracted by the way she’s singing or the great harmonies coloring the music making as the songs comforts your hearing from liking to loving her much; a very pleased warmth feelings changes via General Electric and Indecision 2016, Night Owl to Grace and Keep It Up truly giving reasons to stay and not easily giving up for the life granted not with everyday gladness but hope will always comes back on its way to you – just believe it !

Battle Scenes: