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Offended Sink (Bluurg Records 1991)

The ex-members from Subhumans and Culture Shock had then decided that they’re keep continuing thus likes for Ska-Punk or English breakfast Pogo-music as Citizen Fish – the band. As being consisted of Alex Gordon, Dick Lucas, Jasper Patterson, Matt Dowse, to Phil or Silas right around the corner of Bath, Somerset. The enriched Punk spirits in fast-musical playing demanding the band’s infamous silly logo as either a stamp on Wider Than A Post Card.
Sounded like the old version of UK Subs, Rancid while they’re just disbanding for the reasonable first group to be understood. 
Groovy and surprising to them whom quiet and let only the energetic music sounds from the band like Language Barrier, Same “Old” Starving  Millions, Give Me Beethoven…, Smells Like Home onto Mind Bomb and Conditional Silence – never sounded better as your heard the records on in a funny, serious, relaxing and focus ways for the audiences to grow and didn’t got a fishing hobby. 
Political issues, protesters o the street to the policeman whom wanted to delivers their efforts too today !

Wider Than A Postcard: