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O’Clock Twelve St (Heavy Psych Sounds 2015)

No more The Moonshakers but add that bad news to the trash-can because off the ashes of it comes Cosmic Wheels with a sensational coming back sessions of only a duet needing on the career of rock for Paul Marrone (guitars, drums, vocals, organ, sitar, slide guitar and percussion) and Vincent Marrone on bass/harmonica/vocals closely rough and not just finishing within these tracks they’ve wrote and composed courageously like a full-equipment rock songs should through the self-titled of the power-radiant grooves force played by Cosmic Wheels on thus progressions and solo-jamming solid and complete via so many Untitled Psychedelic songs form of Untitled 1 or Untitled 4 or Untitled 7 and 8 if you confusing but interested to hear them roaring hard but also there’s a long title tracks such as No One Knows Where They’ve been as counted as eleven of all here. 

Bang your heads or be amazed cause the duo rockers may showing their talents by high techniques of delivering what you used to call Rock Music arena jams !

Cosmic Wheels: