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Ocean Breathe (Killer Pimp 2007)

Noise products in a blender mixture of Shoegaze or Indie-Rock depressive had its way loosing via these three-piece rockers based in New York/Brooklyn manufacturing their militant and gloomy themes of infamous breezing guitars distortion sounds to the noise maker pedals with the poetic name like A Place To Bury Strangers which consisting of Dion Palmer, Oliver Ackermann and Robi Gonzalez as interprets as independent acts like you can hear there over the band’s experimental loud noises work for the debut self-titled album. 
A Place To Bury Strangers probably, won’t fit in through your regular listing of favorable bands around but the intensifying trance-rock and Goth-tinged influences might getting your metallic puzzle nearly build much well as the buzzing riffs, standard tempos beyond Pop-Punk or the depression explosives shall blowing the shit out of your comfort zone area while listening to them. Within thus semi-apocalyptic themes, machine-drums pulse and the likes for whether it is The Sister of Mercy, The Cult, The Jesus and Mary Chain and more heroes of the Industrial-Punk community make sense through the choices for a burst of broken songs not to be easily ignores like My Weakness, Don’t Think Lover, Missing You, Another Step Away, The Falling Sun, To Fix The Gash in Your Head and some. 

Sad and bored as it sounds dearly dying to know how long they’re waiting to succumb.