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Occupy Parking (Unknown Records 2015)

   Feasting on herself fatness obese needs an obsessions to pulling back yourself from the calories piling up days much not following the greedy filthy piggy cops on Copsickle's self-titled recording released via this hot-baked slamming Hardcore and its dirty lyrics protests different to share the contacts between activists to comparing the good news or bad ones but the fourteen songs really can piss someone’s off by even reading it without any distractions from the wild.
   Leaving so soon and quickly, won’t stopping the attendance to drugging others – especially those Day Drunk song, (I Don’t Need Nicotine Addicted) Salamander, Deadbeat to Fascist Feacefuck or you preferring a good order or suggestions - Must be Tweakin’ – as later the atmosphere can turning to be a schedule of clearly free-way park that asking the audiences to do something stoopid even thought the music sounding metallic and entirely, Punk-Rock !!! 

... Fasten your seatbelts, 
Lets’s go !